The Glory remains unsaid

“It’s been a while now,

Since, his heart and mind were

bruised and ruined, in the lane.

Of found memories, of profound love.

He roams them with the glory of pain

and burden of Sisyphus, Thantos for a companion

And Aphrodite the guide.

His sanity musky and erased in a Melody of love and rain

And so are the borders of his eternal home a bit dark with the screams of soul

that go unnoticed and their effort in vain.”

Years rolled like the destination of gypsies

And so did his fate and his face

Unrecognized, unseen and unnoticed in the sea of humans insane.

Yet his lanes remain the same, Thantos resisting,

Aphrodite on his shoulders tired and lame

Amongst the Sea of sinners he noticed

“Her glowy face again.”

“He carries the beloved in his heart across the seven seas and still his love unscathed.”

She carries another man’s love in her womb for nine and still ignorant of this man’s pain.

He a sinner, She an ignorant and the other a twist of fate;

“All lament their own griefs in a God who’s Dead.”

This an ode to the sinner, who’s righteousness was never written

Who’s Love’s measure the God’s couldn’t fathom

Today the beloved is Dead and her fate breathes his air unaware and tired.

But the sinner Lives wondering in a graveyard where the God remains Dead.

The glory they seeked remains unsaid.

And I thank the god of time for leaving my bane of love uneffected.”


A Room with a Window

The Child I am standing on the door

One side the life warns not to leave,

The permises of conventions and traditions.

Cool breeze seeping through those doors

Outliving their times invite me to a world

Beyond restrictions, beyond bonds and beyond something in between

It is when I notice that cage of a window within

Still open enough for a man seeking for a view

And I walk past the sense of darkness and fear

Into the light of misery and painful brightness

And so, I glimpse the wonderful secret of creation

The secret of life and death and all that follows them.

I do not remain the sane child anymore

Cause I have seen the reason.

The Reason for destruction and death

I become the thought of God, who has unhinged the channels of his brain

A mystery, a scary thought left unchecked like a train

So, the humans don’t understand

The cause of my misery and pain

And thus I conclude my ruthless fate

Becoming a saint who roams insane

In search of another man who may see

What I see, listen to the pleas I make.

I hope when I stumble across him,

He’s kind. He’s not in pain.

For I am sure he lives like a Savage

And does things which are incredible for humans “the bane”

A room with a window is what I have now.

In which I have lived a life of a saint.

And as the dawn is around I walk around the darkness.

Just to return to the same place in sometime.

To live another life and to dream again.”